Testimonials for littleSTEPS®

the pain stopped"Pretty much right after receiving and wearing his first pair, the pain (and complaining) stopped!  The difference littleSTEPS made for our son proved undeniable– we have learned better than to forget his littleSTEPS- we just ordered his 2nd pair!  Thanks, littleSTEPS!"  Robyn F

"..I honestly can't tell you the difference it has made with her – her teachers, our family and I all agree. She WANTS to wear her sneakers every day and tells me they help her run super-fast!! ...– she was running around crazy and I have never seen her do that before her magical inserts. Thank you for helping her be able to run and play and not know the difference." - Shannon M


"Before using LittleSteps my son used to go to bed crying of foot cramps and leg pains.We had to use pain relievers and give nightly foot massages to help him go to sleep.   Once he started using LittleSteps the problem stopped-Immediately! He can run and jump and play all day without any complaints at night. He has never complained of discomfort from the inserts and in fact won't wear shoes if they don't have the inserts in. LittleSteps are amazing!  My younger daughter is now wearing them too.Thank you for making these LittleSteps!!"  Janelle H



"I am so pleased with the gains my three-year old son has made since he started using his LittleSteps orthotics.  Because of his flat arches and tendency towards excessive pronation he has had difficulty with balance which was impacting his mobility and safety. Immediately upon using his orthotic inserts, his balance improved resulting in less falls, better coordination and he no longer complains of fatigue in his legs with walking and running. Best of all, his confidence has increased greatly!  ~Melissa D, Physical Therapist (MSPT)